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Applications Forms

Some employers, particularly the larger companies, still insist on using their own application forms and, in these cases, they often provide the Careers Service with a limited supply for distribution to students. If an employer specifies an application form, you have no option but to comply if you want your application to be considered. The rationale used is that standard company application forms make it easier for employers to compare applicants according to the stated job requirements.

Some application forms are on-line but many employers still use paper versions which must be typed or hand-written. Completing these forms can be very time-consuming but it's worth taking some trouble to ensure that you make a good impression and achieve the desired result, i.e. an invitation to interview.

Helpful hints for completing application forms

  • Prepare by reading the company recruitment literature.
  • Copy the blank form and experiment with the copy.
  • Read the complete form before writing anything.
  • Follow instructions, e.g. 'Complete in black ink/block capitals'.
  • Answer all questions asked, providing evidence to support your answers.
  • Draft answers to open questions before committing to paper.
  • Confine yourself to the space allocated.
  • Check the appearance of the form - first impressions count.
  • Check spelling and grammar or get a friend to check it for you.
  • Copy completed form and keep in anticipation of an interview.
  • Be sure to sign the form, if required.

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