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Online Aptitude Tests

Psychometric testing

Employers use various forms of psychometric tests as part of their selection procedure, either in the preliminary stage or during the final assessment. Your performance in these tests will often determine whether or not you are called for first interview. Consequently, it is important to understand the format and purpose of such tests in order to optimise your performance.

Psychometric tests can include any of the following:

  • Aptitude Tests,
  • Intelligence Tests,
  • Personality Tests,
  • Interests, Inventories etc.

A hand-out is available from the Careers Service which provides some background information on such tests as well as some helpful hints on how best to prepare for them. Click here for some particularly good links for information on psychometric tests.

You can access other practice aptitude tests on the two PCs in the Careers Resource Area, E0019. These PCs are available for student use during opening hours and allow you to access many very useful careers sites.

Practice psychometric tests online

The Careers Service has negotiated a licence which allows UL students to access an online practice psychometric test package at no cost. The tests are very similar in style to those used by many employers in recruitment - they include aptitude tests which measure Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning. There is an option to do two other types of test: a Learning Styles test, and a Personality test (the Type Dynamics Indicator). You will be able to take the tests online at any time and as often as you like. After submitting your answers to each test you will immediately be sent an e-mail which will give you your scores for that test and a range of other feedback on your performance - this will include information on how you might improve your scores.

This is an ideal opportunity to practice tests in a pressure-free environment. There is no limit to the number of attempts you make. If you would like to discuss your test results, make an appointment to see one of the Careers Advisors. This facility is restricted to the UL campus. For details on how to access the online tests, click here.

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Assessment centres

View the AGCAS dvd
'Assessment Centres

Many of the large employers use assessment centres as part of the final stage of their graduate selection procedures. Assessment centres can cover a number of activities and can vary in duration; from one day to a full weekend. The normal procedure is for candidates to undergo a series of exercises and psychometric tests, as well as individual or group interviews. During the course of these exercises, your performance will be observed very closely to establish how you interact as a group member, how you influence others, how react to particular situations, etc. The structure and content of the assessment depends on the job specifications and the requirements of the employer.

Activities at assessment centres can include the following:

If you are invited to participate in an assessment centre and you would like to prepare in advance, you should discuss it with your Careers Adviser. You can borrow a copy of an excellent DVD on Assessment Centres from the Careers Resource Centre at E0019. This DVD gives good insight into what really happens at a typical assessment centre.

View powerpoint presentation on Assessment Centres.

The following websites have particularly good sections on Assessment Centres:

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