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Careers by Degrees 2007

How to use this guide

This booklet provides information on more than 100 organisations interested in recruiting UL graduates in 2007. It is also intended as a guide to the UL Careers Fair (October 18th), with details of employers who have already booked to participate in this event. It includes information on the careers-related events offered by the UL Careers Service to assist you in finding suitable employment on graduation.

Calendar of career events

The Calendar of Career Events is a double-sided, colour supplement that includes all career events and presentations planned for the coming year. By pulling out this calendar and placing it someplace where you can readily read it, you can easily plan what events to attend in advance. This programme will change throughout the year to accommodate new presentations by employers, so it is important that you check the Calendar of Events on the Careers website at: http://www.ul.ie/careers/careers/events/calendar.shtml

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Employer profiles

The employer profiles contained in this booklet are based on questionnaires returned by employers before the end of September. In most cases, additional information can be found on the employers' websites. Many employers do not specify particular qualifications for their vacancies, as they are prepared to consider graduates from many degree disciplines. Where they have specified qualifications, we have provided details. This booklet uses a system of abbreviations to help you identify the relevant opportunities.

The abbreviations are:

Symbol Discipline
ANY Any relevant discipline
BUS Business
ED Education
ENG Engineering
HUM Humanities
I&E Informatics & Electronics
LAW Law disciplines
SCI Science
* Indicates the employers attending the UL Careers Fair

When you see one of these letters under the name of an employer, it will tell you what discipline the employer is interested in, and whether or not they are attending the Careers Fair.

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