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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans

Notice Boards

Details of jobs, scholarships, presentations, interview schedules, etc are posted on the Cooperative Education & Careers Division noticeboards which are located on level M, Block D, beside the main restaurant. There are 12 notice boards in total and they are organised as follows:

  1. Cooperative Education: Information i.e. Services, Personnel, Opening Hours etc.
  2. Cooperative Education: Interview Details
  3. Cooperative Education: Interview Results; Urgent Messages
  4. Graduate Careers: Interview Details; Closing dates for Applications
  5. Graduate Careers Information
  6. Graduate Presentations
  7. Graduate Vacancies in Ireland
  8. Graduate Vacancies in Ireland
  9. Graduate Vacancies Overseas
  10. Teaching Practice
  11. Postgraduate Information; Language Opportunities; Postgraduate Overseas
  12. Postgraduate Information in Ireland

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