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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans

Mature Students - Top Tips for Mature Students

  • Discuss your ideas with a careers advisor when you first begin at university; do not wait until your final exams are looming! Merely having your degree does not guarantee employment, and so it is important that you are aware of how to optimise your chances. Guidance regarding your choice of course and development of extra-curricular activities will help lead towards viable career options.
  • Nurture contacts from previous jobs - they may be able to help you in your new career direction
  • Identify the transferable skills (communication, organisation, team work, problem solving etc) you have developed in your previous work and in your degree. Highlight these in your CV, in application forms and in interviews.
  • Accentuate your experience of previous working environments; you know all about working for a living.
  • Remind employers that experience counts when making effective business decisions; sell the fact that you have the experience of which younger graduates dream.
  • Challenge and confront prejudice - but don't presume that it is always a factor.
  • Emphasise your ability and flexibility to work in a mixed age environment.
  • Convey your reliability and loyalty

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