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Funding Sources in Ireland

University Scholarships and Awards

Most university Departments provide some internal funding to postgraduate students. These can be in the form of Research Assistantships or Scholarships and vary in value. The following awards are available in UL:

  • Plassey Campus Centre Scholarship: The Board of PCC has decided to put in place a 5 year PCC Scholarship fund for Postgraduate Research Students to the value of €7000 p.a. which will comprise residential accommodation plus a cash sum. Each Scholarship will be available for a two year period.
  • Alumni Circle Postgraduate Bursaries:The UL Alumni Association has generously made available two 'UL Alumni Circle Postgraduate Bursaries'. Funded by UL graduates through the UL Foundation's Annual Fund, the Scholarship supports research postgraduate students normally undertaking full-time research for the first time commencing in Academic Year 2008/09. The bursaries are valued at €5,000 each, and are tenable for a period of one year, commencing October 2008/2009. Further details are available from the Graduate School website section on Scholarships and Funding.
  • Research Grants/Demonstratorships: Extensive contract research is undertaken on the University of Limerick campus with consequent opportunities for postgraduate students. Registered postgraduate students may secure funding by being accepted as research assistants/demonstrators on suitable research projects. A number of scholarships are also available each year to students pursuing postgraduate research degrees. The scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis subject to satisfactory academic progress. Contact the Assistant Dean of Research in each of the Colleges.
  • University of Limerick Postgraduate Scholarships: From year to year, other postgraduate scholarships are available in particular Departments or Centres. Further details are available from the Research Office or the Admissions Office.

For a more comprehensive account of the type of scholarships and funding available for postgraduate degrees by research in UL, consult the Graduate School website

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Local Authority Grants

If you have received a local authority grant for your undergraduate studies, this will normally be extended to cover full-time postgraduate studies in Ireland, including Northern Ireland. This applies to both Masters and Doctorate degrees as well as postgraduate diploma courses but you can only avail of this postgraduate funding once. See the studentfinance website for further details. 

Graduate Skills Conversion Programme

Selected postgraduate programmes, particularly in Computing, Science and Technology disciplines, receive funding from the EU. As a result, fees are heavily subsidised and, in some cases, may be waived completely. Details of postgraduate courses which qualify for this funding are available on the HEA website.

The Economic and Social Research Institute

The ESRI provides annual research assistantships for postgraduate study in Economics, Sociology and Social Psychology. Details on the ESRI website.

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