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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans

Careers Services for Postgraduates

As well as availing of all services that are aimed at undergraduate students there are a series of tailored workshops, events and services which facilitate taught and research postgraduates career planning and development. The following provides an overview of these services.

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Careers Advice

One-to-one meetings can be prearranged with the Postgraduate Careers Advisor, Elaine Kiely to cover topics such as career options, CVs and applications, job search strategies, interview preparation etc. These interviews normally last for 30 minutes with the option of follow on consultation sessions as required. Email elaine.kiely@ul.ie to arrange an appointment.

In addition to these prearranged appointments, CV Review/Quick Query sessions are available every day during term, Monday to Friday from 1.00 – 2.00pm. Postgraduates can drop in without an appointment for a 10 minute meeting on any aspect of career choice; this service is very useful if you wish to have a CV or application form checked. CV Review/Quick Query takes place in E0-019, The Careers Resource Area.

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Access to Employers

Commencing September each Academic Year the Careers Services organises and hosts a series of careers related events. These events are open to all and provide UL students with the opportunity to meet directly with employers. Detailed information can be accessed from the Calendar of Events on the careers website: http://www.ul.ie/careers/careers/events/calendar.shtml

Employer Presentations

During the academic year we invite employers to hold presentations on campus as part of their graduate recruitment strategy, commonly referred to as the ‘milkround’. These presentations are useful in providing first-hand information on the range of opportunities available in particular companies as well as valuable information on the employers’ selection procedures. Details of these presentations will be posted on the website and on the Careers Notice Board which is located along the EM corridor (near the main restaurant).

Careers Fairs

The annual Careers Fair takes place annually in October in the University Arena. This fair is open to all academic disciplines and provides a unique opportunity to meet with potential employers, discuss their selection procedures and ask any relevant questions. Details of the October Careers Fair are contained in the publication Careers by Degrees, available in E0-019.
In addition, a specialised Research Careers Fair, Networking Event & Seminar takes place each summer and gives postgraduates the opportunity to meet with employers that have the tradition of recruiting research graduates. Further details of the Careers Fair are available at http://www.ul.ie/careers/careers/events/fairs.shtml 

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Career Management Skills Workshops

A suite of tailored workshops is delivered each semester for both taught and research postgraduates. This programme provides postgraduates with the opportunity to identify the skills, values and interests that will impact them as they plan their future careers. Delivered in an interactive and participative manner the workshops facilitate postgraduates to work on their own career planning, CV preparation as well as interview skills. For further information on time and venue for each of these workshops see the Events section of the careers website: http://www.ul.ie/careers/careers/events/calendar.shtml 

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Research Careers Seminars – Case Study Events

These Seminars offer postgraduates the opportunity to hear about what other researchers have done after gradation. A panel of speakers provide examples of career paths they pursued either inside or outside academia. The main Research Careers Seminar takes place in conjunction with the Research Careers Fair and consists of a panel of employer representatives speaking about research careers in industry while tailored faculty based seminars offer postgraduates the chance to hear what other UL research graduates from similar disciplines have done since graduation. Details of these case study events are widely publicised by the UL Graduate School as well as the Careers Service. 

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