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Disciplines Advisor Room E-mail Address
Business Studies

Accounting, Economics, Risk Managememt Gavin Connell DM036 gavin.connell@ul.ie
Human Resources, Marketing Treasa Landers DM037 treasa.landers@ul.ie 
Law & Accounting Gavin Connell DM036 gavin.connell@ul.ie

Noreen Dowd CM057 Noreen.Dowd@ul.ie

Music & Dance, Psychology & Sociology, Public Admin, HPSS,
Joint Honours
Patsy Ryan DM031 patsy.ryan@ul.ie 
All other Humanities courses Noreen Dowd CM057 Noreen.Dowd@ul.ie

Applied Computing & Network Technologies Ann O'Mahony CM050 ann.omahony@ul.ie
All other Engineering courses Colm Cunniffe CM057 colm.cunniffe@ul.ie

Computer Systems, Digital Media Design, Physiotherapy Colm Cunniffe CM057 colm.cunniffe@ul.ie
MMPT, Multi Media & Games Development Treasa Landers DM037 treasa.landers@ul.ie 
Financial Maths, Maths Science, Sports Science Ann O'Mahony CM050 ann.omahony@ul.ie
All other Science courses Colm Cunniffe CM057 colm.cunniffe@ul.ie
Education Noreed Dowd CM057 Noreen.Dowd@ul.ie
International opportunities Ann O'Mahony CM050 ann.omahony@ul.ie
Mature Students Patsy Ryan DM031 patsy.ryan@ul.ie
Postgraduate Students Elaine Kiely EO022 elaine.kiely@ul.ie
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