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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans

Computerised Advice

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Career Development Module

The online Career Development Module is an excellent resource which helps you prepare for Cooperative Education, for graduate employment or postgraduate study, and offers advice to anyone interested in the career development process. The Career Development Module will enable you to:

  • assess your own skills, abilities and interests in relation to different careers;
  • research different career options relevant to your qualification;
  • understand and prepare for the selection process;
  • benefit from the Cooperative Education programme.

The Career Development Module is available here. (available on-campus only)

Prospects Planner

This is a simple-to use computerised careers questionnaire designed to help you at all stages of your career planning. We have installed the latest version of this package on the UL campus network so that you can use is as part of your career planning. Prospects Planner does not set out to tell you what to do. Instead, it helps you to explore key aspects of career planning in a systematic way, with you always in control. You have the choice of working your way logically through all four units or you can choose any one of them, in any order. It is a very flexible system which is ideal for use on a regular basis. The modules are:

  • Finding out about yourself
  • Finding out about occupations
  • Your reaction to the occupations
  • Action plan
  • Note: You can also access a shorter version of Prospects Planner on the Prospects website.

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How to use Prospects Planner

This package is available through the campus network. To use it, you should:

  • Log onto a PC using your student account username and password
  • Click on Start, Programs, Specialist Software, Prospects
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Close the program and log off when finished

After using Prospects Planner

If you would like to discuss the profile and options you have generated with a Careers Adviser, you should make an appointment to meet the appropriate person. Be sure to bring along a printout of your results.

Career directions

This is an interactive computer program, incorporating an Irish jobs database, which should help you with your career decisions. The package has been developed by FAS and it is now available on the campus network.

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