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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing and implementing career plans

Careers Service: Graduates

Welcome to the Careers Service, part of the Cooperative Education & Careers Division. Now that you have graduated, we want to continue to support you to develop and implement a successful career plan and help you to achieve success during the recruitment process for your first job.

Careers Connect is a new service that utilises your profile information to provide targeted alerts on available job and graduate opportunities, as well as information on employers. There is also a facility that allows you to get support from a Careers Advisor by email or by making an appointment for a face to face meeting. If you haven't done so already, please take a few minutes to follow the log in instructions below.

Graduates may register at CareersConnect, and logon to:

  • Find out about jobs
  • Book a careers consultation
  • Browse employer profiles
  • Update your profile

Careers Connect

Graduates - Interested in starting, changing or enhancing your career?

As a UL graduate, you are very welcome to use the UL Careers website as a source of information and help. If your particular interest is in current job opportunities, you will find details at the following links:


Your needs may be quite different from those of current students, however, and we have tried to meet those needs by developing a website specifically for graduate users.


careers4graduates.org is a website for Irish graduates. This website was developed as a joint project by the Careers Services of the University of Limerick, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology and the University of Ulster. It is intended as a 'virtual careers service' for Irish graduates and provides many Irish-based resources for graduates.

Visit the NEW Windmills Interactive website.
Windmills has launched a fantastic, new, interactive element to its website. Windmills Interactive has been specifically designed to help you to; take a fresh look at your life; understand what is really important to you; picture the kind of life you want and then show you how you can achieve it, creating a future that inspires you. This is a very good resource for graduates who are reviewing their career and life options

Register with MyProspects and avail of the online services for graduates.

Email Query

If you cannot find the information or advice you need on our website, you can use the Email Query service.

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