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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing successful career plans and facilitating recruitment for employers

Help Section

  • Section One - CECD
  • Sections Two and Three - Cooperative Education, and the Careers Service  

Sections Two and Three - Cooperative Education / Careers

Section Two, Cooperative Education, provides information on CoOp placement at home and abroad.

Section Three, Careers Service, provides information to support students and recent graduates in making and implementing successful career plans. It also provides information to facilitate employers in recruiting graduates.

Navigating these sections

The header on every page of the Cooperative Education, and Careers Service, sections allows you to access its sections three main user categories; students, employers, and UL staff. 

  • Select the user category of interest to you; a left hand side menu with further options displays.
  • To change user category, select from the header on any page.
  • You may also access the main page of each section from the header at any time; CECD, Cooperative Education, and Careers.

The header file also contains:

  • Link to the UL home page - by selecting the University of Limerick crest
  • Sitemap - overview of the layout of the website, and an alternative route to resources for those who have a clear idea of what they want.
  • Statements of Service - for the Cooperative Education, Careers, and Teaching Practice elements of our Division.


You will notice that "breadcrumbs" also appear at the top of every page (next to the left hand side menu) as you browse: for example - Home > Current student > Working Abroad. Selecting a breadcrumb could take you to a page you visited before or to related information. It usually helps you see where you've got to and what path you took to get there.

The Help pages aid navigation through the sections in the CECD site. Any comments to the webmaster

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