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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing successful career plans and facilitating recruitment for employers

Statement of Service for Students and Graduates


The Careers Service is part of the Cooperative Education & Careers Division (CECD) which is the primary point of contact for:

  • Students and graduates interested in planning and developing their careers;
  • Students interested in work placements;
  • Employers interested in student placements and graduate recruitment;
  • University Departments interested in the career development of students and in developing working relationships with employers.

The primary objective of CECD is to facilitate the career development of UL students as an integral part of their academic programme. The Careers Service is fully integrated with the Cooperative Education programme. This ensures that students, the University, and employers have a single contact point for both undergraduate placements and graduate opportunities.

The Careers Service is committed to supporting students and recent graduates in developing and implementing successful career plans, and facilitating the recruitment process for students and employers. The Careers Service supports the University in providing opportunities for students and graduates to develop the skills and attributes required to manage their careers throughout their working lives.

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What we offer students and graduates

Students can expect the following services to be provided:

Careers advice

Professional advice to help students make and implement decisions about future careers. Students can choose from the following options:

  • CV Review / Quick Query service - 10 minute meeting with a careers advisor, available daily, without appointment, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Prebooked individual appointment with a careers advisor for more detailed discussion about career plans, usually available within one week.
  • Telephone or email contact with a careers advisor.
  • Access to computer based guidance system, Prospects Planner, which is available on the campus network.
  • Students are advised to use this resource prior to an individual guidance session.

Careers information

Access to a well stocked Careers Resource Area containing reference and take-away materials in a wide range of options relating to:

  • General career information
  • Guides to job-seeking
  • Employer information and directories
  • Postgraduate study options in Ireland and overseas
  • Employment opportunities in Ireland and overseas.

Planning and preparation

Career education programme of seminars, workshops and briefings on aspects of career choice, job-search, recruitment and selection processes, and postgraduate study.


An online career resource, Destinations® is offered as a fully-accredited elective to students in certain academic programmes, in collaboration with the Academic Departments. The module is designed to prepare students for the Cooperative Education experience and to approach the career planning process in a systematic way. The online material can be accessed by all students through the Careers website at: http://www.ul.ie/careers/destinations/

Employer links

  • Programme of employer presentations and on-campus interviews as part of the graduate 'milkround' process.
  • Annual UL Careers Fair organised on campus during Autumn semester.
  • Online database of UL CoOp and graduate employers.

Psychometric testing

Access to computer-assistance guidance systems and aptitude tests is provided at regular intervals.

Vacancy information

A series of vacancy bulletins, in electronic and hard copy:

  • 'Careers by Degrees'- for final-year students
  • UL Jobfile - fortnightly publication on current graduate opportunities
  • Database of new vacancies updated on website regularly
  • UK vacancy publications
  • Directories of international opportunities.

Careers website

The Careers website provides information on the full range of support services and resources provided, a calendar of careers events, information on the employment record of UL graduates, plus access to other careers resources. The website also provides a link to Key Skills Online, an online skills development resource which is accessible to all registered students.

Careers Service publications

The Careers website provides information on the full range of support services and resources provided, a calendar of careers events, information on the employment record of UL graduates, plus access to other careers resources. The website also provides a link to Key Skills Online, an online skills development resource which is accessible to all registered students.

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How to contact us

  • Address: Careers Service, Cooperative Education & Careers Division, University of Limerick
  • Website: www.ul.ie/careers (for e-mail addresses of members of staff)
  • Telephone: (061) 202476
  • Fax: (061) 233657


The Careers Resource Area is located in the main office of the Cooperative Education & Careers Division in Room EO 019, Block E, Level 0. The location of the individual offices of the careers advisors are provided on the Careers website.

Opening hours

For general careers queries or for access to the Careers Resource Area, the following opening hours apply:

  • Monday to Friday 10-1pm, 2.30-4.30pm
  • For Quick Queries, the office is open every day from 1.00 p.m. - 2.00 p.m.

Any changes to opening hours are noted on the website. Members of staff can be contacted by email at any stage and access to the website and online resources is available at all times.

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What you can expect from us

You are entitled to expect that the Careers Service will be staffed by competent and appropriately qualified staff who, with your active participation, will facilitate you in developing your:

  • Awareness of your personal skills, interests and motivations in relation to careers choice;
  • Understanding of how your Cooperative Education placement contributes to your career development;
  • Awareness of appropriate employment or postgraduate study opportunities;
  • Increased effectiveness in making and implementing career plans;
  • Ability to market yourself effectively to potential employers or course directors.

All contacts are confidential.

What we can expect from you

The Careers Service expects you to:

  • Take responsibility for making your own decisions, researching your career choices, and taking actions to realise your career goals;
  • Prepare for an appointment with a careers advisor by using the hard copy and online careers resources available;
  • Keep appointments for careers consultations, interviews, workshops, seminars or presentations that you have agreed to attend;
  • Inform us (or employers) in advance if you are unable to attend an interview or other event
  • Treat with respect the staff with whom you come into contact and the materials made available for you and others to use;
  • Notify us of any specialist needs relating to the provision, in alternative formats, of career education, information and guidance;
  • Keep us informed as to your availability for employment, further study, etc.
  • Adhere to the codes of practice referred to below in connection with your dealings with employers;
  • Participate in any surveys undertaken.

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How we can act on your behalf

  • Promoting UL graduates to prospective employers in Ireland and internationally;
  • Encouraging employers to recruit on campus by providing appropriate facilities;
  • Advising employers on the most equitable and effective procedures for the selection and recruitment of graduates;
  • Contributing to the national production of careers resources for Irish graduates in collaboration with colleagues in AHECS.

How you can help us improve the service

Your opinions about the services provided will be sought on a regular basis, so that we can continue to adapt and improve the provision of services to meet your career-related needs. If you ever have any cause for complaint, please tell a member of staff. If you remain dissatisfied with the action taken or the explanation given, then please speak or write to the Head of Careers, Gavin Connell email gavin.connell@ul.ie  All complaints will be responded to within a week of our receipt of the complaint.

Codes of practice and standards

The Careers Service is committed to promoting equality of access and treatment in education, employment, training and guidance in accordance with the Employment Equality Act, 1998. The Service also observes the following University of Limerick policies:

As a member of AGCAS (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) and AGCSI (Association of Graduate Careers Services in Ireland), the Service adheres to the following standards:

  • AGCAS Code of Practice
  • Graduate Recruitment Code of Practice agreed by AGCSI, IPD, IBEC, and USI.

The limitations of our service

The Careers Service is aimed primarily at current full-time students and recent graduates. We also respond to queries from alumni of the University but do not have the resources to provide the full range of services to all alumni.

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