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Supporting Students & Graduates in developing successful career plans and facilitating recruitment for employers

Statement of Service for Students with Disabilities


The Careers Advice and Support Service provides a tailored service to address the diverse and individual needs of students with disabilities. The Service supports the student across all aspects of career planning. Advice is provided at each critical stage: Preparation, Application and Selection.

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What we offer the student

  • Accessing the Careers Resource Area;
    • Individual Introductory Sessions
  • Individual Advisory Sessions
    • Career planning / effective applications
  • Individual CV Clinics
    • Positive disclosure
    • Supporting statements
  • Individual Interview Workshops
    • Practice interview / feedback session
    • Appropriate interview strategies for the sensory impaired
  • Support in Identifying and Addressing Skill 'Gaps'
  • Assistive Technology
    • Computerised careers packages
    • Online skill development packages
    • Web based career resources
    • Provision of career information in alternative formats
  • Ensuring Inclusive Forums
    • The Careers Fair
    • The Employers Programme

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Access to information - careers resource area

The Special Support service ensures that Career resources are both appropriate in content and accessible in format. Material is available on Career Strategies, Effective Applications and Interview Techniques

  • A number of core and specialist career publications are available in alternative formats.
  • A range of audio and video material is available in the Careers Resource Area
  • Listings and indices of material are available in the Careers Resource Area
  • Individual assistance with accessing material is provided on request.
  • Guidelines are produced to ensure that existing practices and procedures within the Careers Area are sensitised to the needs of students with disabilities. These include:
    • Cooperative Education - A Handbook for Students with Disabilities.
    • Careers Leaflets - Supporting Students with Disabilities
    • Disability and Employment - An Employers Handbook, (UL, April 12, 2001)
    • Disability related pages within the Careers Website.

Computerised career packages / web based resources

In Cooperation with the Careers Service, the Assistive Technology Unit provides each student with an individual review to identify the most appropriate tools to access web based career resources and computerised career packages including the online Career Development Module. Individual assistance is provided on request.

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Disability awareness programme

The Special Support Service, in cooperation with expert groups provides Disability awareness training to support CECD staff to sensitise existing practices and procedures to the needs of students with disabilities.

The Special Support Service promotes staff awareness of best practice in selection procedures. The service provides general guidelines to staff on how best to assist students with specific impairments and to recognise and avoid attitudes and behaviour that cause misunderstandings. A number of Disability Communication Guidelines and Information Sheets on general disability provision are available through the Service.

What we offer the employer

The Service offers employers advice and guidance on selection and recruitment procedures. A confidential Advisory Service on:

  • Interview Strategies for the sensory impaired
  • Equality Legislation
  • Disability Communication Guidelines
  • Support in developing Positive Action
  • Positive responses to disclosure of a disability

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How to contact the service

The Support Service is located at E0019 and is open 10.00am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday during the academic year.

All Students registered with the Disability Liaison Service are contacted in writing at the commencement of each academic term and are requested to attend an individual advisory session.

An Open day on disability related career information is held at the beginning of the academic year outlining the services on offer to students.

Brochure, leaflet and poster materials in accessible format are distributed and displayed during the academic year.

A referral system operates between the Disability Liaison office and the Careers Support Service.

What we expect from the student

Students should avail of all invitations and opportunities to contact the service and an appointment should be arranged at the commencement of the academic year.

The student should, in cooperation with the support officer be responsible for developing a career strategy that addresses their career planning needs and career goals.

Students should advise the Service of their individual access requirements to ensure that all career forums and activities are inclusive.

Students should be aware and make use of the open door policy adopted by the service to ensure that the service is tailored appropriately to the needs of each individual. Students are equally encouraged in this, as a means of redress.

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