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2000 students placed annually - a network of over 1,600 employers

What is Cooperative Education?

The Cooperative Education programme (or 'CoOp') at the University of Limerick is a formal, compulsory and integrated element of all undergraduate degrees. As part of the programme, all students ,regardless of discipline, undertake relevant work experience, normally of eight months duration. Placement levels are consistently high ranging between 97% and 100%.

Approximately 1600 students are placed on CoOp every year, with approximately 30% placed internationally. This makes it one of the largest placement programmes in Europe. Some 1,600 employers participate in the programme annually and approximately 75% of these also employ UL graduates.

Cooperative Education gives students the chance to experience a real work environment before they graduate and the chance to develop the skills they will need to achieve their long-term career goals. For many students, the opportunity to do CoOp is one of the main reasons they choose to come to UL over other universities.


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