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How are CoOp Placements assessed?

There are normally three elements to the assessment of Cooperative Education placements, as follows:

Student Visit Form (Download the form)

The Student Visit Form, completed by the employer/supervisor during the Academic Visit, gives the employer's evaluation of the placement to date. This is returned by the academic member to the CoOp Division immediately after the visit. The Telephone Evaluation form is sometimes used when evaluating International placements.

Final Employer Evaluation

The Final Employer Evaluation form is sent to the employer/supervisor towards the end of the placement. This enables the employer/supervisor to assess the student's performance over the entire duration of the placement.

CoOp Report

The CoOp Report is graded on a pass/fail basis and should be returned to the CoOp & Careers Division within one month of completing the placement. After the report is processed, the grade is entered on the Student Information System.


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