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CoOp Report Guidelines

There are compulsory CoOp Report Guidelines for all UL students going on placement. These guidelines set out the presentation and structure that students must follow when preparing the report.


The CoOp Report must adhere to the following presentation guidelines:

  • The report must be bound with a clear acetate on both sides.
  • The cover page of the report must include details such as the submission date, name and ID number,  course, employer, employer address, supervisor and the university staff member who visited the student. Click here to download cover page.
  • A4 paper, single line spacing in 12-point font must be used.
  • The CoOp Report must be signed and stamped by the company supervisor. The content of the report must be approved by the employer who may require changes to meet with their policy on Confidential or Proprietary Information.

The report must adhere to the following structure:

  1. Summary of Placement (min. 1 page)
  2. Brief history of the company, including details of the product/service (min. 1 page)
  3. Structure of the organisation and student's department (min. 1 page)
  4. Student's main responsibilities (min. 2 pages)
  5. Opportunities for Learning during CoOp (min. 4 pages)
    From the Learning During CoOp section of the website, choose a minimum of four skills categories (for Engineering and Computer Systems students, this must include the Professional Skills category) and discuss the role of CoOp in developing those skills. Write a minimum of one page per skill category. Students should use the pre-CoOp and post-CoOp Skills Assessment Forms as a guide; these must also be included these in the appendices.
    Please note that the CoOp report must be a minimum of 10 typed pages, not including log books (if applicable) and appendices.
  6. Log Book
    This is compulsory for all Engineering students and should be attached to the Appendices section of the report.
  7. Appendices
    • Copies of the completed pre- and post-CoOp Skills Assessment Forms (compulsory)
    • Copies of reports, drawings, etc. produced for the company (optional). Remember, if students reproduce any documents, permission must be sought from the employer to do so.

All Engineering students must keep a written record of their training in a Log Book. The log book should contain brief details of the student's objectives, tasks, difficulties and achievements. It's a good idea to write up the log book weekly. Most students compile it electronically. It's a helpful way of tracking progress and the faculty visitor will expect to see it during his/her visit to the company. The log book is a compulsory element of the CoOp Report and should be attached as part of the Appendices section. To see a sample log book, just click here.