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My Role in the CoOp Programme as an Academic

As an Academic, your role is central to the success of CoOp, particularly in terms of the student visit programme, and the evaluation of CoOp placements and reports. Your involvement in CoOp also offers the opportunity to develop contacts within the business, industrial, public and professional services. These contacts are very useful if you are planning new courses, modifying existing courses, or developing collaborative research.

Specifically, your role is to:

  • Be familiar with the assessment requirements for Cooperative Education.
  • Visit each assigned student during their placement, speak with them about their progress and their work environment, complete their evaluation forms and, where relevant, check their logbooks.
  • Meet with the student's employer, and discuss the student's progress, skills development, and contribution to the organisation.
  • Deal with any difficulties that may have arisen during the placement to date.
  • Return the evaluation forms (Student Visit Form; one per student) to the Cooperative Education & Careers Division.
  • Grade CoOp reports completed by the students assigned to you, and return graded reports to the Cooperative Education & Careers Division at your earliest convenience.


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