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1600 students placed annually - a network of over 1,600 employers

The CoOp Cycle

CoOp Cycle Stages Graphic

Stage 4: CV Circulation - Interviews

Every year, we contact over 1,500 employers to provide us with details of their CoOp requirements. Potential employers get back to us stating their preferences for things like student discipline, QCA, skills set, interests etc. Once submitted, student CVs are matched with the CoOp employers' requirements. Employers then select the students they want to interview.

When selected for interview, the details will be sent to your UL student email. It is your responsibility to check your emails throughout the day and attend for interviews as scheduled. Interviews are held either on campus or at the employer's premises. (See further interview advice.)

1. Preparatory Programmes 2. Pre-CoOp Skills Assessment 3. CV Submission 4. CV Circulation - Interviews 5. Your CoOp Placement 6. Post-CoOp Skills Assessment 7. CoOp Report Submission


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