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The CoOp Cycle

CoOp Cycle Stages Graphic

Stage 1: Employability Programmes

We organise a number of employability sessions for CoOp. These commence in the 2nd semester of the year preceding your placement. The objectives of these sessions are to:

  • Explain the main elements of the CoOp programme
  • Advise you on completing your CV
  • Provide application and deadline details
  • Focus on interview preparation and procedures
  • Advise of employer expectations and evaluation of CoOp

If you are going on international placement, two additional meetings will be held to discuss any special application procedures. There will be one meeting for US placements only, and another for all other international placements.

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1. Preparatory Programmes 2. Pre-CoOp Skills Assessment 3. CV Submission 4. CV Circulation - Interviews 5. Your CoOp Placement 6. Post-CoOp Skills Assessment 7. CoOp Report Submission


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