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1600 students placed annually - a network of over 1,600 employers

CoOp Managers

The CoOp Managers have overall responsibility for the management of the CoOp programme. To make an appointment with your CoOp Manager, simply e-mail them. Find your CoOp Manager in the table below:

Name Discipline Phone Room E-mail
Noreen Dowd Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences +353-61-202231 CM057 Noreen.Dowd@ul.ie
Treasa Landers Business, Computing +353-61-202978 DM037 Treasa.Landers@ul.ie
Colm Cunniffe Science and Engineering +353-61-202145 CM051 Colm.Cunniffe@ul.ie
Olga O'Sullivan Global Programme +353-61-202278 CM048 Olga.OSullivan@ul.ie


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