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CoOp Report

All students must submit a report on their placement as part of the formal evaluation of the placement. Your CoOp Report should give a sound insight into your CoOp placement, and should show the link between your studies and your placement. An academic member of staff grades your report on a pass/fail basis. View detailed Cooperative Education Report Guidelines here.

When do I submit my report?

The deadline for submitting your report is normally in week 1 of your college semester.  Please note that these deadlines apply to all students, regardless of the location of your Coop. (view forthcoming CoOp Report Deadlines).

Where do I submit my report?

Your report must be submitted in hardcopy to the Coop office, located at EO 007. You will be issued with a receipt which you should keep in a safe place.

Remember, your report has to be signed by your employer. Late reports will only be accepted with a fine determined as follows:

Late Reports received after the submission date but during that semester will incur a fine of 50.

Late Reports received after the submission date but outside of that semester will incur a fine of 100.

Any incomplete reports will not be accepted and will be liable for the fine after due date.

Making a start

It's a good idea to keep some record of your work while on placement as this will help you when it comes to writing your report. Keep track of things like:

  • What happens on your placement each day
  • What you learn from each experience
  • What training you are receiving
  • How you can improve on your performance and get more out of your work environment

For further information, visit What to Write About.


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