Money Matters. Grants, Scholarships and Prizes

UL40 Scholarships

To mark the 40th anniversary of the University of Limerick, 40 entrance scholarships were inaugurated in 2012. Students are selected on the basis of their performance in the Leaving Certificate. The value of the award is €2,000.An additional 4 entrance scholarships are available to mature students (students must be 23 years of age on the 1st January 2013). The recipients of these scholarships are selected randomly. To qualify for consideration, candidates must have not received any other entrance scholarship from the University of Limerick.


Arthur Cox Valued Participation Award

One prize, valued at €500, is awarded to a second year student of the Law Plus degree programme at the end of the academic year. The student must have a QCA of 3.5 or higher and must show evidence of a significant contribution to life at the University of Limerick (sporting, volunteering or other).

Byrne Wallace, Solicitors

This Dublin based firm of Solicitors generously offers a partial scholarship in respect of a postgraduate programme. The award will be made to the student enrolled on the LLM ICL programme who has the highest undergraduate degree results.

Dublin International Insurance & Management Association Prize

One prize, valued at €1000, is awarded to a fourth year student on the International Insurance and European Studies or the Business Studies Degree - Risk Management Option based on submission and performance in an essay on Re-insurance. Apply to the Department of Accounting and Finance, Kemmy Business School, UL.

Grant Thornton Award

Grant Thornton offer a monetary prize for the best two "Fantasy Budget" projects to 4th year BBS (Accounting and Finance Major Option) and 4th year Law and Accounting students taking the module, Taxation Theory and Practice.

Homes O'Malley Sexton Solicitors Prize

The Limerick based firm of Holmes O'Malley Sexton have for many years now offered a very generous award to the final year law student with the highest marks. A prize of €3,000 is presented to the final year law student who achieves the highest marks in their exams

Judge Catherine McGuinness Prize

An alumnus of the School of Law has generously offered an annual prize of €500 to students enrolled on the Law Plus degree programme and honoured the former judge by naming the award after her. The prize will be awarded to the student who achieves the highest marks based on the two modules - Introduction to Lawyering I and II.

Kavanagh Fennell Prize

The Kavanagh Fennell Prize is awarded annually to a second year student registered on the Law and Accounting degree. The award of 500 euros is made to the student with the highest QCA at the end of second year of the programme.

Kemmy Business School/Northern Trust Outstanding Scholar Awards

Northern Trust, a US company based in Dublin and Limerick, has agreed to sponsor the above awards for a period of three years commencing in 2011. The total value of the sponsorship is over €30,000.

Louise Newman Prize

This prize is awarded in memory of the late Louise Newman, a lecturer in Insurance at the University of Limerick. It is awarded in conjunction with the Insurance Institute of Ireland. One prize, valued at €1000, is awarded to a fourth year International Insurance and European Studies student or a Business Studies (Risk Management option) student with the highest QCA in Insurance Studies.

Matheson Ormsby Prentice, Solicitors Prize

This "top 5" firm provides a great opportunity for first year law students who can win a monetary amount and a fantastic opportunity. There is student prize for highest marks over two Contract Law modules. 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes are awarded. A monetary amount is awarded plus an offer of a summer internship at the firm

PwC Prize

PwC will award a medal and a monetary prize to the top three students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in the first year ‘Principles of Accounting’ module - total value: €1,500.


Paddy Dooley Rowing Scholarship

The Paddy Dooley Rowing Scholarship has been established through the generosity of the Dooley family. The family, who are from Limerick, decided to establish the scholarship in honour of their father, who captained the Irish Olympic eight, in the 1948 Olympic Games in London. The awarding of the scholarship, which encompasses all undergraduate academic disciplines, will be based on rowing promise and Leaving Certificate results or academic performance. The recipient must represent the University of Limerick in rowing competitions, achieve performance related goals set by the ULRC and contribute towards the development of rowing in UL.

The Scholarship is for €2,500 and is open to full-time students from any year of undergraduate study at the University of Limerick. The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis and any recipient is entitled to reapply for the scholarship in subsequent years subject to satisfactory academic progress and the student continuing to represent the University in rowing competitions. Candidates must be Irish citizens or be permanent residents in Ireland (as defined by the University Finance Office). Application forms are available from the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The scholarship will normally be presented in November.

GAA Bursaries - Munster Council

The Munster Council of the GAA awards 13 new bursaries each year to students from the province of Munster only, registered for Bachelor's Degree programmes at the University of Limerick. New bursaries are initially awarded to first-year, full-time undergraduate students but students may re-apply for these bursaries in subsequent years of their degree programme. The value of each bursary is €1000 per year and is given out in 2 instalments in the academic year.

GAA Bursaries - Cadbury's U21 Football Scholarships

The Cadbury U21 Football Scholarships, to the value of €2,000 per university, are presented to 2 full time UL students in recognition of their commitment to the sport, their high achievements to date and their potential. Students applying for this must be on their U21 Football panels for the coming season.

All bursaries are subject to a selection process. Closing date for receipt of applications is Mid October 2013. Application forms available online from or from the GAA Office: Mr. Patsy Morrissey, UL GAA Development Officer, UL GAA, Room 10, Arena Sports Club, University of Limerick

The Michael Hillery and Jacinta O'Brien Athletics Scholarship

This athletics scholarship, honouring the memory of Michael Hillery and Jacinta O'Brien, deceased members of the UL community, is equivalent in value to €7000.

The benefits include:

  • Waiver of Accommodation fees for Campus based accommodation
  • Full membership of UL Arena and access to facilities at no cost
  • Provision of expert coaching for your event at no cost to you
  • Priority access to Physiotherapy services
  • Provision of Sports Science support and nutritional advice
  • Provision of a training expense grant values at €500 per year
  • On qualification to World University Games the University may provide additional financial support to allow the athlete to travel and compete.

To be eligible for the Scholarship candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Represent Ireland in Athletics at Senior Level during the year prior to application
  2. Competed at World U20 or U23, European U20 or U23 championships during the year prior to application
  3. Have won a medal in your event at AAI National Senior Championships
  4. Won the AAI National U20 or U23 championships.

NOTE: Since the number of scholarships available in any one year is limited, achievement of any or all of the above criteria does not guarantee acceptance. Eligible candidates will be considered and the most suitable candidate will be awarded the scholarship, subject to achieving the criteria.

Limerick FC Talented Footballer Scheme

The Limerick FC/University of Limerick Bursary, known as the Limerick FC Talented Footballer Scheme (LTFS) is awarded to amateur association football players to support their sporting and educational development. Galtee Fuels Group, in association with Limerick FC and UL, offer the LTFS bursary to talented soccer players, both female and male. LTFS works at three award levels:

  • First Team (up to €2000)
  • A Championship and Ladies (up to €1000)
  • U20 level (ladies and mens - up to €500)

Support is also provided by way of access to training facilities (First Team only), physiotherapy and sport science support, and a mentoring scheme. Award levels are determined by specific performance standards and awards are made once a year. To apply go to to download an application form. Return the completed form to: Limerick FC - LTFS Applications
Knockalisheen House
Co Clare

UL/Bohemians Rugby Academy Bursaries

Each year a number of bursaries are awarded to incoming full time undergraduate students who satisfy the normal entry requirements. The value of the bursaries ranges from €500 to €2300, depending on rugby performance and experience.

Application forms are available from, and should be returned to:
Director of Rugby
UL Bohemians Rugby Academy
UL Sports Arena, University of Limerick
More information and application forms available at

Engineering and Technology

Microsemi Scholarship

Established in 2013 by semiconductor developer, Microsemi Ireland, the Scholarships provide €50,000 in funding to the University of Limerick Foundation over a six-year period to help support excellence in engineering at the UL. The company, which has been based in Ennis, Co. Clare for 20 years, is the largest employer in the town with over 300 staff.

The Microsemi Scholarship is open to all secondary schools in County Clare and is awarded to the student who attains the highest Leaving Certificate points in the Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering in Design and Manufacture or Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering courses. The Scholarship is worth €12,000 and is paid over the 4 years of the student's undergraduate degree.

Analog Devices Scholarship & Hank Krabbe Medal

The Analog Devices Scholarship provides an exciting opportunity for University of Limerick students studying the course LM118 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering. The Scholarship will be awarded annually, over the period 2010 – 2016, to an outstanding engineering student in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 of the course and each will receive a stipend of €7,000. Recipients of the Scholarship will also be eligible for Co-operative education placement at Analog Devices Inc. The top graduating engineering student from the University of Limerick will also be eligible for the Hank Krabbe Medal and an accompanying stipend of €5,000.
The Scholarship Fund is established in memory of the late Hank Krabbe, the founding Managing Director of Analog Devices in Limerick. “We believe that this scholarship programme will act as an incentive to young people to consider studying engineering and also hope that the possibility of securing the Hank Krabbe medal will help set new standards in academic excellence.” said Ray Stata, co-founder and chairman of Analog Devices Inc.

AutoDesk, ProCAD Prize

Awarded to a first year BSc Product Design & Technology (LM076) student who continues to excel in Year 2. The prize consists of computer equipment and designer software from AutoDesk (worth in excess of €500).

Chairman’s Prize – Thomond Region of Engineers Ireland

The Thomond Region of Engineers Ireland awards the Chairman’s Prize to the final year engineering student who achieves the highest grade on their final year project or a particular module chosen by that year’s chairman. The prize consists of a bronze medal and a cash award.

Designer of the Year Award – Logitech Prize

The Design Showcase Prize is presented to the 4th year student judged to be the Designer of the year from the BSc in Product Design and Technology (LM076). The prize, sponsored by Logitech, consists of €1000 for the first prize winner and €500 for the second prize winner. The prize is presented at the Showcase of Designs held annually in May in the University of Limerick Exhibition Area, UL Concert Hall.

Intel, Shannon Women in Technology Scholarship

These scholarships are open to Secondary school 6th year female pupils but also to 1st and 2nd year third level female students. The scholarship is offered nationally. A current 1st or 2nd year female undergraduate is entitled to apply for the scholarship. Successful students will receive a grant of €2,000 for the remainder of their degree if they maintain a 2.1 grade. INTEL offer placements and mentoring to students and there is the strong possibility of graduate employment.
Application Forms are available from Siobhan Harris, L1-010a, Faculty Office, Faculty of Science & Engineering or email or by emailing Intel at
This is an exciting opportunity for women studying the following courses;

  • LM051 BSc Computer Systems
  • LM060 BSc Mathematical Sciences
  • LM080 BSc Electronics
  • LM083 BSc Mobile Communications and Security
  • LM110 BSc Computer Games Development
  • LM113 BSc in Digital Media Design
  • LM114 BSc in Music, Media and Performance Technology
  • LM118 BE Electronic & Computer Engineering

Women in Engineering Bursary Awards

First year female students registered for Bachelor of Engineering degree programmes at the University of Limerick are considered for Women in Engineering Bursaries. Up to eight bursaries, valued at €500 each and available for one year, are awarded based on points achieved in the Leaving Certificate.


Coolmore Prize

The Coolmore prize is awarded to the student with the best presentation of final year project on the B.Sc. Equine Science programme. The prize consisting of a medal is awarded annually at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony. The award is hosted by the Department of Life Sciences in the University.

Horse Racing Ireland Prize for Services to the Thoroughbred Industry

The Horse Racing Ireland prize for services to the Thoroughbred Industry is awarded to a B. Sc. Equine Science student with the best Final Year project on the thoroughbred industry. The trophy is funded by Horse Racing Ireland and is awarded annually at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony.

International Equine Institute Perpetual Trophy (Diploma Award)

The International Equine Institute Perpetual Trophy is awarded for the best academic performance in the full-time Diploma in Equine Science. The final year student with the highest QCA is awarded the trophy annually at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony.

International Equine Institute Perpetual Trophy (Certificate Award)

The International Equine Institute Perpetual Trophy is awarded for the best academic performance in the full-time Diploma in Equine Science. The final year student with the highest QCA is awarded the trophy annually at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony.

The Critchley Prize

Instituted in honour of the late Dr Robert Critchley, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (1977-2007), this prize is awarded to the student who obtains the highest QCA in first year in Mathematical Sciences (LM060) or Financial Mathematics (LM058).

Food Science and Health Academic Achievement Award

This award is made annually to the final year student in the B.Sc. Food and Health Science programme with the highest QCA. The award consisting of a cash prize of €250 is awarded at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony. The award is made by the Department of Life Sciences.

Kerry Ingredients Prize

This prize is awarded to the student with the best Final Year project on the B.Sc. Food Science programme. Excellence in research, presentation and thesis compilation are the criteria considered in awarding the prize. The first prize consisting of €1,000 is awarded annually at the Conferring Ceremony. Second and third prizes are also awarded.

Frank McGourty Award

The Frank McGourty Award is made in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Two awards are made annually. One to the student with the highest QCA in their final year of study on the B.Sc. (Education) Biological Science programme, and one to the student with the highest QCA in their final year of study on the B.Sc. in Equine Science. Each trophy is presented annually at the Autumn Conferring Ceremony.

Nursing and Medicine

Edith and Leslie Downer Entrance Scholarship

The Edith and Leslie Downer scholarship has been set up in memory of the mother and father of the President Emeritus of the University, Professor Roger Downer. The scholarship will be awarded to the student with the highest Leaving Certificate points enrolled in any one of the following degree programmes:

  • BSc Nursing (General)
  • BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
  • BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
The award is tenable for one year and is valued at €1,000. The successful applicant must be a full-time student, be an Irish citizen, have lived most of his/her life in Ireland and received their education in Ireland, and be permanently resident in Ireland.

Graduate Entry Medical School Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme provides financial assistance to socio economically disadvantaged students applying for the Graduate Entry Medical Programme. Applicants must: be an Irish/EU applicant, satisfy all academic requirements for admission and have previously entered third level education via a recognised Access route or be deemed to be eligible for consideration by virtue of socio-economic disadvantage. The scholarship aims to cover tuition fees plus a modest contribution towards living expenses. Further information can be downloaded from the Graduate Medical School Website:


The Marie Duffy Award

The Marie Duffy Foundation was established in June 2011 to provide financial assistance and support to aspiring dancers, musicians and choreographers so they may fulfil their dreams in the world of Irish Dance. Irish Dance is constantly changing and evolving and it is the aim of the Foundation to identify and support the creative and inspirational individuals who will be at the cutting edge of dance and music excellence in the years ahead. To stimulate new innovation in dance choreography, the Marie Duffy Foundation is offering an annual award to final year dance students of the BA Irish Music and Dance to the value of 1000 euro. The inaugural dance bursary was awarded in May 2012.


Alumni Circle Scholarships

These Scholarships are funded exclusively by the generosity of UL graduates through the UL Foundation’s Alumni Annual Fund Appeal. The Appeal raises enough money each year to fund a 4-year undergraduate scholarship, which benefits socio-economically disadvantaged school leavers who, without financial support, would not have the opportunity to study at UL. More information can be obtained from the Access Office at UL.

Bank Loans

The major banks are prepared to provide Student Loans in special circumstances. Applications should be made direct to the banks for details of these loans.

Cooperative Education Award

The Cooperative Education Award recognises exceptional student performance on Cooperative Education placement. One award per college is presented every year to the successful students on graduation day. Nominations for the award are accepted from both employers and faculty members involved in any stage of the assessment viz. CoOp visits, discussions with the employer, grading of CoOp reports. The final selection for the awards is made by representatives of Academic faculty and the Cooperative Education & Careers Division. A separate award is also presented every year to the student who excels during fourth year teaching practice. Nominations with supporting statements can be submitted to Jerry Cronin, c/o the Cooperative Education Division at the University of Limerick.

Elaine Fagan Scholarship

The Scholarship Fund is established in the memory of Elaine Fagan and sponsored by Michael Fagan and family. First established for the academic year 2011/2012 the scholarship is to the value of €5,000 and a total of 5 awards will be made, with a different recipient every year. The award is open to first year undergraduate students that entered the University through DARE - the Disability Access Route to Education - or have a disability and can satisfy the selection committee they meet the criteria applicable to DARE. The scholarship is restricted to applicants from the Mid-West region. The scholarship will be based at the discretion of the selection committee on a combination of personal circumstances, achievements to date, financial need, and the likely impact the scholarship will have on their personal lives and future goals. Application forms and further information is available from the Disability Support Services Office on (061) 213098 or by e-mail on

ESF Student Assistance Fund

The University received ESF funding in the past to assist students in financial need. It is hoped that further funds will be received from the ESF for this purpose.

Financial Aid Fund

In conjunction with the University of Limerick Students’ Union and the Postgraduate Student Association, the University administers a Financial Aid Fund which can make interest free loans to students. The Fund is supported by gifts from UL alumni through the UL Foundation’s Alumni Annual Fund Appeal. This scheme is designed to help students who experience short-term financial problems. If a student is experiencing financial difficulty she/he is encouraged to call to Room CM071, Thursdays 11.00am – 12.55pm. If the student qualifies for assistance, she/he will receive an interest free loan. This loan is repayable in full prior to graduation. Application forms and further information are available from the Students’ Union Office on campus.

Higher Education Grants & VEC Grants

Students registered for full-time undergraduate programmes (of at least 2 years duration) at the University of Limerick may apply for grants under the new national centralised scheme. These grants may be renewed annually, subject to satisfactory academic progress and means test.

A new ONLINE ONLY grant applications system is was introduced in 2012. All new applications will be made online to a single awarding authority, Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) through As soon as the online application system opens for the 2013/14 academic year, students will be able to register online with SUSI and then complete the online application form. The online application facility will be available through Remember, it will NOT be necessary to have received an offer of a college place or to be enrolled in college in order to apply online.

Plassey Campus Centre Scholarship Programme

Plassey Campus Centre is the company established by the University to manage and develop Campus Life Services which include on campus residences, retail, bar and restaurant services at University of Limerick. Campus Life Services aims to support the educational mission of the University by providing services which are essential to develop a modern, vibrant campus. Plassey Campus Centre provides the following undergraduate on campus accommodation scholarships each year: 2 Access Scholarships – contact the Access Office on 061 213104 2 Sports Scholarship – contact the Physical Education & Sports Sciences Department on 061 202896

President’s Volunteer Award

Students at the University of Limerick have a long and proud volunteer history. The President’s Volunteer Award (PVA) encourages, supports, recognises, acknowledges, and honours this self-directed extra-curricular student activity. Each year the President of the University of Limerick hosts a formal annual event to present the PVA to students who have shown a commitment to volunteering during the academic year. The entire campus community and the organisations benefiting from the work of student volunteers honour student volunteers at the annual PVA ceremony. The volunteer award is also recorded on the students’ transcripts.
There are four levels of award:

  • BRONZE: 20 hours of volunteering
  • SILVER: 40 hours of volunteering
  • GOLD: 60 hours of volunteering
  • GOLD: 60 hours of volunteering
Outstanding Achievement Award The President of the University of Limerick also recognises excellence in volunteering by awarding the Outstanding Achievement Award to students who have shown an exceptional commitment to volunteering throughout their student life at the University of Limerick.
For further information on the Volunteering awards email:

Stryker Scholarship

Students registered for Bachelor’s Degree programmes at the University of Limerick are considered for the Stryker Scholarship, provided they have not been awarded other scholarships or bursaries. One scholarship, valued at €2540 per year, is awarded each year to a first year student. It is awarded on the basis of performance in the Leaving Certificate Examination of that year. The Scholarship may be renewed annually subject to satisfactory academic progress.

University of Limerick Gold Medal

A Gold Medal is awarded annually to the University of Limerick undergraduate student graduating with the highest overall QCA in their final year of study. The medal is awarded during the annual conferring ceremony.

University of Limerick Silver Medal

A total of 5 Silver medals are awarded annually – one to each faculty and one to interfaculty programmes in the University of Limerick. The medals are awarded to the undergraduate students within each faculty graduating with the highest overall QCA in their final year of study. The medals are awarded during the annual conferring ceremony.

J.P. McManus Scholarship Award

The J. P. McManus Scholarship Award was established on December 16, 1996 when a capital sum was provided by J.P. McManus with the purpose of funding third level education scholarships for students of C.B.S. Sexton Street, Limerick, his Alma Mater. Eight scholarships based on Leaving Certificate examination results are awarded each year since 1997 to the top students with the best results. Each scholarship has a value of €6,750 per annum and the average term of each one is four years.

Additional Information

Additional information on grants and awards available nationally may be accessed on the following website:

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