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Supporting You

We'd like to ensure that your transition from school to University is smooth and successful. Discover the range of supports and services available to help you settle in and make the very best of your time here with us.

Finding Your Feet - The Orientation Programme

The Orientation Programme is held the week before the start of term.

During Orientation, you will;

  • Enrol you as a new student
  • Get to know more about your course and the people on it
  • Find out about our student supports
  • Get a guided tour of the UL campus
  • Enjoy meeting new friends at our social events for new students


The First Seven Weeks is an initiative at the University of Limerick designed to provide strong, targeted support to you during the very early weeks of your time as a UL student. Successful early adjustment to college life is linked to subsequent success. We want to let you know we care and are interested in your successful adjustment. Each of the first seven weeks has its own theme, designed to focus your attention on various issues that we know are important for settling in and thriving as a higher education student.

The themes for the first seven weeks are;

Week 1
WELCOME, SETTLING IN, FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND FSW Guides at the entrance to all buildings Maps information and updates available at The Hub and on facebook

Week 2
STUDY SKILLS AND TIME MANAGEMENT Set up good study patterns and manage your time well.

Week 3
HEALTH AND WELLBEING WEEK This week pays special attention to health and wellbeing, encouraging you to make deliberate efforts to focus on staying well and being healthy.

Week 4
MEET YOUR ADVISOR WEEK We want to make sure that all new students have met their advisor by this week, so that if you haven’t done that during earlier weeks, this is the time! Drop into The Hub for assistance.

Week 5
Centre for Teaching & Learning
Mathematics Learning Centre
ECE Student Support Centre
Regional Writing Centre
ICT Learning Centre
Science Learning Centre

Week 6
CAREER, CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and VOLUNTEERING AWARENESS This week will encourage you to start developing a career and civic outlook; focus on professional skills and an emphasis on becoming engaged citizens.

Week 7
CRITICAL THINKING AND LONGER TERM PLANNING This week will shine a light on the importance of “critical thinking” as a major element of successful engagement with learning at UL; getting you to think about your longer term engagement with your studies at UL.

Getting help and advice - The student advisor system

The Student Advisor System is designed to help you in your transition to University. On enrolling at the University of Limerick you are assigned an advisor. An advisor is a member of the academic staff who teaches on your course.

The functions of the advisor include:

  • Meeting you early in the first semester and assisting in your orientation
  • Acting as a source of advice and information on general student problems and where appropriate, referring students to the support services
  • Monitoring your academic progress and, where appropriate, recommending remedial action
  • Assisting you in your choice of elective modules
  • Advising you on changes in your educational arrangements.

To find out more, email

Student Counselling. A Friendly Listening Ear

The role of the Counselling Service is to assist your academic and personal development. Student counsellors provide a comprehensive, professional, confidential counselling service, free of charge.

The Counselling Service can help you deal with the wide range of problems common to any student population, e.g. personal problems, vocational uncertainty, family problems and examination anxiety. Psychotherapy is also provided where appropriate.

The Counselling Service is free of charge and provides a daily drop-in time during term time from 11.00-12.00 and 3.00-4.00 for students to call, without appointment, to Room CM073. The service also delivers 10 psycho-educational classes each week as an integral part of its programme.

The Counselling Service provides a daily drop-in time during term time 11.00-12.00 and 3.00-4.00 for students to call, without appointment, to Room CM073.

Inquiries can also be made to:
Dr Declan Aherne,
Head of Counselling,
Room CM072,
Tel: 061-202332.


The UL Chaplaincy works to meet the many and varied needs of a global university campus. We recognise that life at UL is a dynamic, everchanging experience, which brings all kinds of new opportunities and challenges to students. As chaplains, we offer a welcoming space and a supportive presence to students and staff. We promote an open and caring environment where diversity is respected. Our key activities include;

  • Support
  • Worship/Spirituality
  • Outreach/Volunteering.

Students are welcome to visit Teach Fáilte, our drop- in centre in the Students’ Square. This centre is driven by, and responds to the needs of all students equally and is one of the busiest and most welcoming students’ hubs on campus. We are open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Individuals or groups are welcome for a casual cuppa and chat. In times of difficulty students are assured of a listening ear and we can advise you about other supports available, either on or off campus. The Contemplative Centre (opposite the ULSU) is an oasis of peace and tranquillity for those who wish to take time to reflect, pray or listen to sacred music. Religious services are provided throughout the academic year. Visit us on Facebook and chaplain

Visit us on Facebook and
Tel. Teach Fáilte: 061 233635
Chaplain 061 202180

The Student Health Centre

An acute care advisory service is provided to all registered students. This service includes a full time nursing service and daily attendance by doctors. A consultant psychiatrist and chartered physiotherapist are available through internal referral.

The emphasis of the University’s health services is on prevention rather than cure; you will be encouraged to participate actively in the wide range of physical and recreational activities in the University which encourage a balanced approach to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

UL Student Medical Centre
Tel: 061 202534

Disability Services

The University welcomes students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties. The University is part of the DARE entry route (Disability Access Route to Education). Students wishing to apply to DARE must apply as part of their CAO application ( by 1st February 2017.

Applicants must indicate their wish to be considered for DARE. Applicants who are successful with their DARE application may be offered a place on reduced points. Applicants must indicate that they have a Disability/Specific Learning Difficulty and are then directed to the separate online application form. This form asks applicants to provide additional information about their disability or specific learning difficulty and to provide evidence of disability.

Supporting documents must be sent to the CAO by 1 April 2015. Mature applicants with disabilities (23 years of age or over) should apply to the University in the same way as other mature students as they are not considered under the DARE route. Applicants can contact Disability Services for more information.

Disability Services
Tel: 061 213478


Connect is a network of UL students which has one simple aim; to help you meet new people and give you the best possible college experience! We’re unique in the sense that our service was designed by students, for students, to offer help and support where needed. Basically, we will try to link you up with someone from your own course with similar interests before you come to college, or when you get here.

Basically, we can link you up with someone from your own course with similar interests before you come to college, or when you get here.

  • If you're a 1st year Business student, we can match you with a 2nd or 3rd year Business student
  • If you're coming from Dublin we can match you up with other students from Dublin.

Whatever it is you need, we're extremely flexible and always here to help. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time, even if you just have questions about life in UL or want to meet some students who are already studying here. We look forward to hearing from you.


To find out more, email

Contact: University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0) 61-202700, Fax: +353 (0) 61-330316

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