Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Application Open

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)
Application Open
UL's Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a structured approach to getting student feedback on their experience of modules in terms of content and delivery. This process is voluntary and confidential, and is designed to provide useful information to individual lecturers on their students' experiences of the modules they teach.
To register for this service faculty members will need to access this link complete the form and submit:
Please note that due to increased demand for this service, all survey requests should be submitted on or before Friday 28 September. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take applications after this date.   Evaluations will take place from Week 5 to Week 10 inclusive.  
A short information session on the Student Evaluation of Teaching process will be held next Tuesday, 18th  September at 12 noon in MC2004 (Millstream Courtyard Building).  The session may be of particular interest to new faculty and those who may be engaging with the system for the first time.  It will be informal and will provide information and discussion on the following:
·         Background and context on the SET system
·         How the SET system works
·         What the SET system can provide for you as a lecturer
·         Use of the SET system in UL
·         Best practice in relation to using the student feedback to benefit the student experience
For more information on the SET process, please see