Turnitin is an online tool designed to manage, grade and improve students' writing through meaninful feedback. The Centre for Teaching and Learning promotes a constructive and reflective view of this powerful tool. To learn more, see an overview here:




To create a Turnitin account, please log a call through ITDservicedesk

to get access details and follow instructions in this presentation.

Note: for technical questions, please log your call directly with Turnitin Helpdesk


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Sulis-Turnitin integration


See how the integration works in the presentation below.



1. Students will not be able to see feedback provided in Turnitin through Sulis. If you want to use the feedback features with Grademark and Peermark), your students need to submit directly into Turnitin (see student guide)

2. There is a known problem with Irish punctuation (fada) in the Sulis-Turnitin integration, preventing reports from being generated. Those submissions may have to be downloaded from Sulis and submitted to Turnitin manually by the lecturer/tutor.