About Dr Liam Chambers

Research Profile

Liam Chambers’ research interests include the political, social, cultural and religious history of eighteenth century Ireland. He is especially interested in the history of Irish migration to continental Europe in the early modern period, and the history of ideas. He is the author of two monographs: Rebellion in Kildare 1790-1803 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 1998) and Michael Moore c.1639-1726: Provost of Trinity, Rector of Paris (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2005).

He has published on various aspects of eighteenth century history in journals such as Eighteenth Century Ireland, Irish Economic and Social History, Archivium Hibernicum and History Ireland. He has also contributed essays to a number of edited collections and entries to biographical dictionaries, including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He is currently working on a monograph, provisionally titled: The Irish Colleges in Paris, 1578-2000: Migration, Religion, Education, for which he was awarded an IRCHSS Government of Ireland Research Fellowship in 2005-2006.

Research Project

The Irish Colleges in Paris, 1578-2000: Migration, Religion, Education

Moving beyond the institutional focus of earlier historians, this history of the Irish Colleges in Paris analyses their significance for the development of Irish émigré communities in France, their impact on Irish Catholicism and their role as cultural interfaces mediating between Irish and continental European thought.

Postgraduate Student (under my supervision)

Ursula Callaghan, ‘The Development and Impact of Eighteenth Century Limerick Newspapers: A Social and Cultural History’ (Ph.D. thesis)



Michael Moore c.1639-1726: Provost of Trinity, Rector of Paris (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2005)

Rebellion in Kildare 1790-1803 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 1998).

Articles and Essays

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