Sport, Art & Entertainment

It’s not all about work at UL. We encourage our students to work hard and then relax and enjoy themselves. If your interest is in sports, you will find lots of UL clubs full of people who share similar interests.

If your interests tend more towards arts and entertainment, then UL has even more to offer through the great range of societies you can join. Check out this section and find out how UL students play!

Sports and Recreation

The Sports Department of the University of Limerick promotes and develops a quality sports environment based on professional expertise, ensuring an efficient and effective service to all participants.

The University of Limerick has a unique role in Irish sport. This includes responsibility for the provision of teaching and research programmes in Physical Education and Sports Science. In addition to this role, the University has responsibility to provide a sports environment to the 10,000 student body and staff on campus and general sporting public in the region.

The University Arena is a multi-purpose sports facility catering for the expanding national sports responsibility the University enjoys. The facility is divided into two areas - a top class indoor 'dry' sports facility and a 'wet' pool facility.

The building is located in an area close to all of the other key existing campus sports facilities, including the National Coaching and Training Centre, sports science laboratories, strength training facilities, residential accommodation, meeting rooms and catering facilities.

Clubs and Societies

There are 60 student-run Clubs & Societies at the University of Limerick, with almost two thirds made up of supporting clubs on campus.

The support Network within the University of Limerick allows these Clubs & Societies to avail of the resources on offer from the Student’s Union, the University of Limerick Sports Department and the University of Limerick Arts Office.

All are independently run, but liaise closely regarding the promotion of student run clubs and societies. All Clubs & Socs provide multiple training times & days and up and coming clubs & societies events!

The Arts at UL

The University of Limerick has an active and thriving cultural life. This is reflected by its policy to promote, develop and support the arts either through its own activities or in house support of resident arts groups.

The University Concert Hall mounts an annual season of concerts and performances that cater for all musical, and dramatic tastes and the Irish World Music Centre offers a wide variety of practical and theoretical postgraduate courses.

Daghda Dance Company, a seminal force in the development of contemporary dance forms in Ireland, is based on campus and the Irish Chamber Orchestra is also resident.

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