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University of Oxford phone: 44-1865-270519
University of Limerick phone: 353-61-234642
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I have been Stokes Professor at the University of Limerick since 2007. Before that I spent the bulk of my academic career at the University of Oxford, where I was a lecturer and tutorial Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Corpus was actually my undergraduate and graduate college while at Oxford, and before going back there I spent time at Trinity College Dublin and M.I.T.

Research interests

As an applied mathematician specialising in mathematical modelling, I consider myself prone to be interested in any problem which requires modelling, and that means almost any scientific problem at all. The main part of my research interests lies in mathematical geoscience, and stems from my doctoral research in glaciology: my thesis 'Glacier dynamics' was finished in 1977, back in the days before word processing, personal computers and the like, and I typed it on a typewriter with two keyboards, one Roman and one with Greek and mathematical symbols.

Since then I have become interested in many other areas of geophysics, geology, petrology, volcanology, as well as geomorphology and Earth surface processes in general.

The genuine applied mathematician is a multi-faceted creature, and I am no different. I have been interested in various parts of biology and physiology, and with a background in Oxford and a current post in MACSI, industrial problems also form a major part of my interests.

Supervised doctoral theses and master's degrees

A list of my former students and their thesis subjects can be found in my curriculum vitae.



A full edition of my publications can be found in my curriculum vitae. Papers which can be downloaded as pdf files are also indicated there.


Current research

I am currently working on problems of drumlin formation, scalloping in ice and limestone caves, stone weathering, biofilm growth, ice age causes, Liesegang rings. The bottom end of my curriculum vitae is a good place to find what else is currently in the mill.


At Limerick I teach the following courses for the M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling:

Mathematical biology and physiology, for which course materials are available: problem sheets and some (incomplete) lecture notes on enzyme kinetics, heart action, respiration and blood cell diseases.

Mathematical geoscience, for which course materials are available: problem sheets and lecture notes on modelling, climate, rivers, dunes, and glaciers and ice sheets.

The courses are assessed by 25% course work and 75% mini-project, completed after the end of the semester. Here is a description of the expected form of a mini-project, and here is a mini-sample of a mini-project. Also provided is the LaTeX source code for this sample.

Together with Iain Moyles and Josh Duley, I teach the fourth year undergraduate course

Mathematical modelling of natural phenomena, for which course materials are available on sulis, otherwise (less accessible) there are problem sheets and some lecture notes.
The lecture notes and problem sheets may undergo revision during the semester, so keep an eye on them. There are also exam papers (mock/recent) on sulis.

Picture gallery

Objects of scientific and miscellaneous interest are in the picture gallery, for example on

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