Staff Members

The members of the Centre for Applied Language Studies (CALS) include researchers from the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, as well as two adjunct professorss.


Adjunct Professors




Dr. David Atkinson Picture


Dr. David Atkinson. BA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Spanish; Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, Faculty of AHSS.

Research Interests:   Language planning and policy in Spain; Sociology and social psychology of language; sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis; language teaching methodology.

Phone:   (061) 213082 
Room no.:   A1075  

Dr Marie-Thérèse Batardière Picture


Dr Marie-Thérèse Batardière, BA, MA, PhD

Lecturer in French.

Research Interests: Applied linguistics, in particular Second Language Acquisition, Study Abroad and L2 learning, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, tools and strategies to enhance language teaching.

Phone:   (061) 202110
Room no.:   LC2006


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Brendan Bolger Dip Eng Elect, BSc, Grad. Dip. Technical Communications

Research Interests:   New Media, Podcasting, Blogging.
Phone:  (061) 202525
Room no.:   GLG018


Nuria Borrull Picture


Nuria Borrull BA, MA

Junior Lecturer in Spanish

Research Interests:  Translation Studies, Twentieth century women’s writing in Spain and Latin America, Language teaching methodology.  Socio-linguistics of contemporary Spain.

Phone:  (061) 202244
Room No.:  C1074


Prof. Angela Chambers BA, PhD

Professor of Applied Languages; Director, Centre for Applied Language Studies

Research Interests:  Applied linguistics, in particular second language acquisition, corpora and language learning, language for special purposes, culture and language learning, Information and Communications Technologies and language learning.

Phone:  (061) 202251 
Room no.:  LC1018 


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Dr, Brian Clancy, BA, HDip, MA, PhD

Learner Support Unit, Mary Immaculate College

Research Interests: Family discourse; pragmatics; corpus linguistics (especially small, domain specific corpora); Irish English; communities of practice; discourses of marginalised communities; corpora and academic discourse; corpora and language teaching

Phone:   (061) 204917 
Room no.:   G36A


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Lawrence Cleary, BA, MA in ELT

Consultant in Writing & Writing Pedagogy at the Regional Writing Centre, UL.

Research Interests: rhetoric, composition, critical theory, pedagogy, stylistics and stylostatistical analysis, corpus studies, learning styles and strategies, and cognitive processing.

Phone:   (061) 202607 
Room no.:   C1-065


Dr. Jean Conacher Picture


Dr Jean Conacher, BA, MA (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer in German.

Research Interests:  self-directed learning, Information and Communications Technologies and new learning environments,  language testing, languages for specific purposes, translation, the writings of Helga Königsdorf.

Phone:  (061) 234218 
Room:  MC1009

Dr. Jean Conacher Picture


Dr Sabine Egger, MA (Hons), PhD

Lecturer in German Studies (MIC); Joint Coordinator Irish Centre for Transnational Studies (ICTS, MIC)

Research Interests:  inter-/transcultural communication, language attitudes, language policy, CLIL, early language learning, linguistics and literature

Phone:  (061) 204949 
Room:  G64 (MIC Campus)

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Dr Fiona Farr, BA, MA, PhD

Dean, Teaching & Learning, UL. Senior Lecturer in TESOL

Research Interests: Teaching practice and feedback, corpus linguistics and language teaching, language teacher education, spoken language and its applications, Irish-English.

Phone:  (061) 202980 
Room no.:  C1089 


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Angela Farrell, BA, MA

Part-time Lecturer in TESOL.

Research Interests: 

Phone:  (061) 202508 
Room no.:  D1047


Barbara Geraghty Picture


Barbara Geraghty, BA, MA in English Literature, MA  in Japanese Studies

Junior Lecturer in Japanese

Research Interests:  Japanese as a foreign language; learner autonomy; syllabus design; literature and identity; Japanese media; Okinawa.

Phone:  (061) 202992 
Room no.:  LC0-013 

Marta Giralt Picture


Dr. Marta Giralt, BA Spanish, BA Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature; MA (Hons) Teaching SFL, PhD.

Part-time lecturer in Spanish.

Research Interests:  Multimodal communication and oral language in virtual learning environments. The use of open educational resources for language learning. Second Language Acquisition; Phonetics; Teaching & Learning pronunciation and oral communication. Film pedagogy for teaching and learning languages. Interculturality and language learning; ethnopragmatics. Discourse analysis. Identity and borderline in Chicana´s literature..


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Dr Helmut Grugger, MA, PhD

Lecturer in German Studies (MIC)

Research Interests: Literature and subjectivity, literature and trauma, the writings of Heinrich von Kleist, theory of aesthetics, Theatralität, Sprachkritik, language and mind

Phone:  (061) 774779 
Room:  R210 (MIC Campus)

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Catherine Jeanneau, BA, MA

Language Resource Area Administrator

Research Interests:  ICT and language learning, social media, online communication, learner autonomy, intercultural communication.

Phone:  (061) 202071
Room no.:  LC1015

Dr. Helen Kelly-Holmes Picture


Dr. Helen Kelly-Holmes, BBS, PhD

Assistant Dean of Research, Senior Lecturer in Sociolinguistics and New Media.

Research Interests:  Sociolinguistics; public and media language; economic aspects of multilingualism; language and globalisation..

Phone:   (061) 234206 
Room no.: C1085

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Dr. Aoife Lenihan, BA, Spec Dip (T&L), PhD

Consultant in Writing & Writing Pedagogy at the Regional Writing Centre, UL.

Research Interests:  Sociolinguistics, language policy and planning particularly in relation to minority languages, media discourse, minority language media, web design and academic literacies.

Phone:   (061) 202607
Room no.: C1065

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Prof. Michael McCarthy, BA, MA, PhD, FRSA

Adjunct Professor

Research Interests: Corpus linguistics, spoken grammar, vocabulary acquisition, second and foreign language education.


Dr. Freda Mishan Picture


Dr. Freda Mishan, BA, MA, PhD

Lecturer in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Course Director Structured PhD in TESOL.

Research Interests: Language learning materials development; blended learning, problem-based learning.

Phone:  (061) 202432 
Room no.: MC1007
E-mail :


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Dr. Máiréad Moriarty, BA, Spec. Dip (T&L), Ph.D 

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics and New Media

Research Interests: Media sociolinguistics, media discourse, language policy and planning, minority language revitalisation, language and globalisation, Irish English.

Phone:  (061) 213495
Room no.:  LC2010


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Ms. Deirdre Mulcahy, MA 

Teaching Assistant in TESOL

Research Interests: Language And Culture; Intercultural Communication; language teaching methodology; teacher development in TESOL; sociolinguistics; discourse and corpus analysis.

Phone:  (061) 202035
Room no.: C1078


Dr. Liam Murray Picture


Dr. Liam Murray, BA, PhD

Lecturer in French.

Research interests:  Computer-Assisted Language Learning with particular emphasis on multimedia and text summary writing techniques as coded within a machine program and also learned and produced by a human language learner.  Research on the acquisition of human and artificial languages by learners. Contemporary Cyberculture in France and French cinema since the 1990s.

Phone:  (061) 202742
Room no:  CS122

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Dr. Helena Ní Ghearáin, BA, PhD

Part-time lecturer in Irish

Research interests: Language planning, terminology planning and lexical modernisation in general and in the Irish language in particular, acceptance of and attitudes towards such planning, issues of authority and power in language planning.

Phone:  (061) 202670
Room No.:  FG-202

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Deirdre Ní Loingsigh, BA, MA (NUI), MA (UL)

Stiúrthóir na Gaeilge/Lecturer in Irish

Registered for EdD at NUI Maynooth

Thesis Title: "Mandatory language learning in the workplace: changing the focus from legislation to adult learner"

Research interests: Adult learning; workbased language learning; implementation of language policy and organisational change; self-directed language learning, and language support networks.

Phone:  (061) 213463
Room no:  LC0-015
Email: Deirdre.Ni  


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Maire Ní Neachtain, BA

Lecturer in Irish, Mary Immaculate College

Research interests: 

Phone:  (061) 204947
Room no:  Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Rd


Declan O'Donnell Picture


Dr. Declan O'Donnell, BA, MA, PhD

Language Centre, University of Limerick.

Research interests: Irish English, Political Language, Corpus Linguistics, Politeness, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis.

Phone:  (061) 202508


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Joan O'Grady, BA, MBA, MA

Academic Co-ordinator EFL,  University of Limerick Language Centre

Research Interests:  second language acquisition, cultural diversity in the language classroom, second language curriculum design,  sociolinguistics

Phone:  (061) 204183
Room no.:  LCO-023

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Dr. Mícheál Ó hAodha, BA, PhD

Part-time lecturer in the Departments of History and Comparative Literature

Research Interests:  Postcolonial Identities, Irish Nationalism, Diaspora Literature, Cultural and Linguistic history/development of Migrant Groups including Travellers and Showpeople, Roma and the Holocaust, Visual Culture.

Phone:  (061)  
Room no:   

Dr. Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin Picture

Dr. Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin, BA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Irish

Research Interests:  Sociolinguistics, bilingualism, societal language change, language policy, language ideologies, variation in spoken and written Gaelic languages.

Phone:  (061) 202797 
Room no:  LC2-005

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Dr. Anne O'Keeffe, BEd, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in EFL/TEFL; Co-ordinator of Learner Support Unit (MIC), Co-ordinator of Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies research centre (MIC)

Research Interests:  Spoken language corpora, language and the media, language variation, English language teaching and teacher education, third level learning environments.

Phone:  061 204057
Room no.: MIC, South Circular Rd, Room N25


Dr. Íde O' Sullivan, BA, MA, PhD

Consultant in Writing & Writing Pedagogy at the Regional Writing Centre, UL.

Research Interests: academic literacies; the development of new literacies to enhance writing skills; corpus linguistics, most notably learner access to corpora; second language acquisition research; ICT and language learning.

Phone:  (061) 202607
Room no.:  C1-065

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Joan O'Sullivan, BBS, MA in ELT

Language Centre teacher

Research Interests: Linguisitic accommodation, discourse analysis , ICT and Language Learning

Phone:  (061) 202508
Room no.:  LC0-025


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Dr. Elaine Riordan, BA, MA, PhD

Lecturer in TESOL.

Research Interests: Language teacher education, English language teaching, corpus linguistics and discourse analysis, new technologies and language teaching/learning and computer-mediated communication.

Phone:  (061) 202112
Room no.: MC1-006


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Dr. Frédéric Royall, BA, M ès L, PhD; Head of the School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication

Senior Lecturer in French

Research Interests:  contemporary French politics and society specifically in relation to new social movements, languages for special purposes and the integration of technology in language teaching.

Phone:  (061) 202098 
Room no.:  MC1004 


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Dr. Elaine Vaughan, BA, MA, PhD

Lecturer in TESOL. TESOL/Linguistics. UL.

Research Interests:  Irish English, characteristics and pragmatics; Workplace discourse; Humour and laughter in language; English language teaching and learning; Community and identity in spoken, written and computer-mediated language; Corpus linguistics; corpus-based discourse analysis and conversation analysis; Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Phone: (061) 202969