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Universita Degli Studi di Genova

Registration and Course Selection

During the Registration Fai, faculty student tutors assist new students.


by presenting the enrolment form printed at the moment of the online pre-registration.


  • receipt of online data entry printed at the end of the pre-registration
  • payment receipt of University/ARSU tuition fees if no application for scholarship has been submitted
  • payment receipt of €14.62 for stamp duties if application for scholarship application has been submitted
  • statement of the family income by ISEE certificate issued by CAF (fiscal assistance centre)
  • valid identification and relative photocopy of both sides to be submitted
  • taxpayer’s number (codice fiscale)
  • certificate or substitutive statement (art. 47 D.P.R. 445/2000) of high school diploma valid for University registration.
  • a recent passport size photo printed on high quality paper

Follow link for invaluable information on setting up & getting about:


Arrival and Transportation

Genova airport is directly accessible with Ryanair:


On arrival the city & university are easily accessible by either train or bus,


On arrival check in with the SASS, their activities include:

  • support the search for living arrangements
  • support for the issue of residence permit
  • support for the issue of the tax code and the administrative paperwork

Services are held at the International Mobility and Foreign Students Welcome at the following times:
- Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00, Tuesday and Wednesday 14:30 to 16:00

ContactsVia Bensa 1, 2nd Floor
tel. (+39) 010 209 9665 - (+39) 010 209 5041
Call Center: (+39) 010 209 9545

Student Clubs

Lots of students clubs & activities, welcome meeting and orientation week, follow link for more information:


Town and Living

Fabulous Old Town, culture & history lovers will adore this place, plenty to do in the line of bars & nightclubs too!

Cost of Living

Cost of living is similar to Ireland, but shopping around does pay-off.

Hints and tips

The following link is useful for International students in setting up at the University:


If you want to study in Italy, you must hold a permit of stay in order to stay legally in the Italian territory in accordance with the visa issued by the Italian Consular or diplomatic authorities in your country of origin before your departure.

The Request for the permit of stay must be made WITHIN 8 WORKING DAYS after your arrival in Italy.  The Permit of stay is issued by the Police Headquarters (or “Questura”) in Trieste and entitles you to temporarily live in Italy.  For full details follow link:



Languages Spoken

Know a little Italian, it goes a long way.


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