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Students are evaluated by their tutors during the tutor visits. These visits serve the basis for the grade allocated to the student. Tutors will inform the school of their visits, by post, in advance of visiting the school. Tutors will check in with the school on arrival and will speak to the principal or cooperating teachers if they are available. An external examiner may visit the school along with the tutors. The purpose of the examiner is to quality assure the grading process.

The school will be invited to forward a report on each studentís practice at the end of the school placement period, using a specific form provided by the University. This form will be posted out to each school by the School Plaecment Office. The report will ask the principal and co-operating mentor/teachers to comment on the studentís professional conduct, willingness to help with extra-curricular activities, support for general rules and standards of the school community, relationship with school staff and learners. This form does not form part of the grading process but may become important if the student teacher decides to appeal their grade.


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