Chris Horn, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

IONA Technologies Plc.

Dr. Horn co-founded IONA in 1991 with Annrai O'Toole and Dr. Sean Baker in Dublin, Ireland. He was the initial developer of Orbix®, has headed the company since its inception, and has guided it through seven years of unparalleled growth to the top of the middleware market.

Prior to founding IONA, Dr. Horn taught computer science at Trinity College in Dublin, where he was involved in many pan-European IT research projects involving distributed computing. He also worked in Brussels for the European Commission, and was an integral part of the 10-year Esprit program designed to improve the continent's technology industry. Dr. Horn received his Ph.D. in computer science at Trinity.

Dr Horn is a member of the IMI (Irish Management Institute) Council in Dublin and also a Board member of the OMG and CCI (Corporate Centre Innovation)