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Multidisciplinary seafloor mapping and ground-truth research cruise from Nuuk, Greenland to Dublin aboard the IOC-UNESCO Floating University, RV Professor Logachev in September 2003.


Sidescan sonar surveys of Lough Furnace and Lough Feeagh were conducted in May 2004 for the Marine Institute inshore fisheries research center in Newport.


Sidescan survey conducted for the University College Cork (UCC) research center located on the marine reserve of Lough Ine in Skibbereen, Co. Cork in September 2004. 


In February 2005, UL and NUIG researchers in collaboration with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand conducted a deep ocean fisheries survey using the Aglantha ROV deployed from the RV Celtic Explorer.  The primary aim was to evaluate the potential of using acoustic surveys as a method of assessing stock components to provide scientific advise towards developing a management plan.


Video footage (deployment of the Aglantha ROV)

Video footage (Lazy fish)



Deep ocean habitat mapping survey using an observation class ROV, Argus Abyss Bathysaurus, in June 2005 aboard the RV Celtic Explorer.

Video footage




Lough Derg, September 2005.  Inshore survey that encompassed a factory acceptance test of new equipment, mapping of the lake floor at Parker Point; Tineranna Bay; Killaloe Bay.

Field trials of the Tethra ROV/AUV were also carried out.


Video footage (pontoon)

Video footage (Tethra)





Lough Derg, June 2006.  Inshore survey that encompassed a factory acceptance test of new equipment, mapping of the lake floor.





Multibeam sonar survey conducted at Kowloon Bridge.




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