This site has been developed as a resource for pupils and teachers in second level schools in Ireland. The site was developed to assist pupils from 12 to 19 years of age, currently studying a technical drawing subject. However, the site has been developed to facilitate as wide a range of people as possible.


The main aim of the site is to look at the area of descriptive geometry in relation to Lines and Planes. To examine points, lines and planes at a basic level from which to build more complex principles upon. Identifying how to apply the principles developed, to solving geometric problems. Such as those that might be presented in the topic listed below.

  • Lamina in Space
  • Traced Planes
  • Roof Surfaces
  • Cutting Planes
  • Skew Bore Holes
  • Interpenitration of solids
  • Transition Piecies
  • Solids in Contact
  • and many more...

This will be achieved by the use of 3D models and colourful animations, so as to attempt to make the understanding of the concepts and material as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Special Features

The interactive aspect is a central feature of this site.

Pupil Activity


The pupil activity (shown below) will open a worksheets when selected. For more information on this, you can have a look at the special features page



Easy View

Where the Easy View image appears (shown below), when selected it,will open a 3d model of the animation. Again for more information on how to use this aspect of the site, go to the specail features page.




For quick revision and assessment, there is a quiz feature. The quiz usually will take the form of true or false questions or drag-and-drop puzzles on the material studied.




The main navigation menu appears on the side of each page within the site. If at any time you wish to proceed to a specific page or exit the site and return at a later time, you can pick up where you left off. You can also proceed through the site by using the Next Page or Previous Page buttons at the bottom of each page.

If you wish to contact the author

Name of Author: Kevin Grant

College Id Number: 0121894

Email Addresses: kevin.grant@donegal.net