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Planning and preparation for postgraduate study should begin about one year in advance especially if study abroad is to be considered.

  • Seek the advice of an appropriate faculty member on what would be an appropriate field of study for you, and where this might be pursued.
  • Review your academic ability and define your goals and objectives.
  • Review your financial resources and estimate the costs involved.
  • Check the sources of information - hard copy and websites. The section on Postgraduate Study in the postgradireland.com website is particularly useful.
  • Select institutions that offer courses of interest to you. Restrict your choice to a realistic number of institutions and save yourself time and money.
  • Find out each institutions admission requirements and deadlines.
  • Write to the individual institutions giving basic information about academic interests, background, and level of study completed.
  • Apply as early as possible for any required entrance examinations (GRE, GMAT).
  • Complete formal application.
  • Submit all supporting documents (transcripts, letters of recommendations, diplomas, etc).
  • Investigate all outside financial aid possibilities, as well as scholarships and assistantships offered by the College to which you are applying, and apply in time. The deadlines for applications for financial aid may be earlier than the normal application deadlines.
  • On receipt of an offer, reply by the required date to ensure both admission and financial aid.
  • If a visa is required, apply to the appropriate embassy.

N.B. Closing dates for application to overseas universities are likely to be as early as November or December prior to the year of entry. For the US and Canada, early application, perhaps up to 15 months before the start of the Autumn term, along with an early sitting of the GRE (or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for business courses) is essential.

Remember that the deadline for applications for scholarships and grants is often earlier than the normal closing date.

Note: If you are thinking about applying for postgraduate study in the USA, you'll find lots of invaluable advice and information on the Fulbright Commission US Educational Adivsory Service website. This goes through the full application process and gives guidelines on how to write a Statement of Purpose which is required as part of the admission process

The International Graduate website allows you to search for postgraduate courses worldwide and also offers a free application service

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