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Explore the Different Study/Research Opportunities

Discovering what study and research opportunities exist, the academic requirements and application methods requires work. Allow plenty of time for information gathering as well as for the application process and, where necessary, the search for any financial support.

Postgraduate study seminar

To help students prepare for postgraduate study, a seminar is usually held in November. This provides an overview to postgraduate study, information on postgraduate study abroad, and advice on application procedures, aptitude tests, financial aid etc. Details will be advertised in our Events section.

Postgraduate study fair

The Postgraduate Study Fair will take place in February each year. Representatives from all the Irish universities and some of the Institutes of Technology will be available to outline details of courses in their institutions. UL will be very well represented as each of the colleges will have stands. This will be the ideal opportunity to gather information on the vast range of postgraduate study options in Ireland.

Some postgraduate courses are clearly more academic than others and require both commitment to research and an excellent academic record. Postgraduate study leading to a PhD usually requires a strong academic background, in most cases a 2.1 degree being the absolute minimum requirement.

Likewise in the case of a Master's Degree by research, a 2.1 degree is a prerequisite. To have any certainty of being accepted into a Taught Masters Degree programme, you need a minimum of a 2.1 degree. However in some exceptional cases a 2.2 might qualify you depending on how popular the course is. Entry requirements for Graduate Diploma courses depend on the level of competition in any one year.

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Careers resource centre

If you are interested in postgraduate study in Ireland you should collect a copy of the booklet entitled "Guide to Postgraduate Studies in Ireland" from the Careers Service. This directory is the most up-to-date source of information on postgraduate courses in Ireland and is an excellent reference source. The database can also be accessed on the postgradireland website.

In the Careers Resource Centre you will also find a selection of calendars for Irish and overseas universities. It is also important to consult faculty members in your field who will be aware of the relative strengths of departments elsewhere (a very important consideration when choosing where to go). They must also be prepared to support your applications with academic references.

For detailed information on programmes and courses, you should write to the individual institutions. Contact details for universities and colleges in Ireland and overseas can be accessed in a guide to universities and colleges in Ireland with useful web links.

You can also search an online database of prospectuses in the UK and Ireland. Hard copies of directories of postgraduate study in the UK are also available from the Careers Resource Area.

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