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This section provides details of scholarships or courses with immediate deadlines

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Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme 2016

The online system is now open for applications to the 2016 Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. Applicants can access the system at https://irishresearch.smartsimple.ie/s_Login.jsp 

Any FAQ queries may be addressed to postgrad@research.ie and the FAQ document will be updated each Friday. All deadlines for the Scheme are detailed on our website, where online guides to the system are also available.

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Scholarships and Fellowships for the USA

Scholarships and Fellowships

  • UG: Hiram College Global Scholarship Offers up to $19,000 Per Academic Year
  • UG: International Student Scholarships Available at Georgia College
  • UG & Grad: East Tennessee State University Offers International Student Merit Scholarship
  • Postdoc: Campbell Fellowships Available for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations

I. Scholarships and Fellowships
Hiram College, located in the northeastern region of Ohio, is a small private liberal arts institution known for its academic excellence and its focused research institutes. By submitting a general application for admission, international students are automatically considered one of Hiramís merit-based Global Scholarships. Global Scholarships are international student financial awards that cover a maximum of $19,000 per year and that can be renewed annually for up to four years of study.

Global scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic preparation and performance, standardized test scores, class rank, teacher evaluations, personal essay, and individual skills and talents. The strongest emphasis is placed on academic performance.

For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/mUC1Ig

Georgia College and State University offers the International Student Scholarship (IIS), which is awarded as a tuition waiver that covers either the full cost or half of the cost of out-of-state tuition. Students are considered for the IIS based on academic ability, extracurricular involvement, and financial need.

Georgia College is a public liberal arts university in Milledgeville, Georgia, which is in the central part of the state. The student body includes more than 100 international students from 50 countries.
For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/cQSfDc

The International Student Academic Merit Scholarship at East Tennessee State University is open to new international students who plan to study at the undergraduate or the graduate level. This scholarship covers 50% of total tuition costs and maintenance fees.

International students may also apply for other funding opportunities offered at ETSU, including Graduate Assistantships, Honors Program Scholarships, and the Public Performance Scholarship.
For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/hwcfWN

The School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience (SAR) and the Vera Campbell Foundation offer the Campbell Fellowship, which provides financial support for one six-month fellowship to female social scientist from a developing nation. The Campbell fellow can be a PhD candidate or a post-doctoral scholar whose research deals with womenís economic and social empowerment in her home country.

The Campbell Fellowship intends to advance the scholarly careers of women social scientists from developing nations and to support research that addresses issues surrounding gender inequality in the developing world. The Fellow will be selected based on citizenship, academic discipline, research topic, and English fluency.
For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/2xLYWT

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Advice on College Essays for the USA

Essays are an important part of the college admissions process because they provide an opportunity for students to showcase their personality and their spirit to the admissions committee. However, for this very reason writing an essay is often one of the most challenging part of an application; students must memorably express themselves in a small amount of space.

The essay component of the Common Application, an undergraduate admissions application that is accepted by 415 colleges and universities across the US, has been unlimited in length for the past four years. However, Common App recently announced its decision to place a limit of 500 words on its main essay. This change means that students will be forced to be more concise when writing their essays and must clearly communicate their opinions, ideas, and writing skills within the space of 500 words. Students will still have a choice of six different essay prompts for the essay.
Read More: http://wapo.st/lvQ7M8 

M.B.A programs at universities around the U.S. are not only taking steps to expand their curricula to incorporate a variety of international perspectives; they also are realizing the importance of recruiting international students in order to better connect with the global business network.

A recent article in US News and World Report highlights the initiatives underway by U.S. business schools that attempt to bring in a greater number of students from developing countries and emerging markets. In order to help these markets grow, the article states that universities are looking at various ways to incentivize international students to come to the U.S. to study and to then return to their home countries to apply their newly-acquired knowledge and skills.
Read More: http://bit.ly/jVvgDE

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European ScholarshipPortal

ScholarshipPortal is a new initiative funded by the European Commission which integrates the funding opportunities for studying, working or performing research in one of the European nations. The portal aims to stimulate and help students worldwide to find and select appropriate scholarships to study in Europe. Some of the key barriers to studying abroad are financial concerns or lack of funds. ScholarshipPortal goes some way to overcome this barrier by informing students on the many opportunities that exist.

It provides:

  • A central European website providing information on scholarships for studying in Europe
  • Boosts world-wide visibility of and access to scholarship programmes in Europe
  • Unifies the scattered information on all kinds of funding opportunities, such as grants, fellowships, awards, exchanges, and of course scholarships
  • Presents scholarship information in a comprehensive, structured and transparent way

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Online Applications for Postgraduate Courses in the UK

Applying for postgraduate study in the UK has never been simpler. Prospects.ac.uk provides a free online application facility for UK and international students to apply directly to the University of their choice. It gives the opportunity to apply online for postgraduate courses and research opportunities at an ever expanding range of institutions. The latest additions to the online applications system are the University of Birmingham, De Montfort University and Cardiff University. For a full list of institutions click on the following link. www.prospects.ac.uk/applyonline

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New European Education and Training Website


http://europa.eu.int/ploteus is the European Commission's new internet portal which is specifically designed to connect people to detailed information on education and training in thirty European countries. Information is provided under the following headings:

  • Learning Opportunities: Links to Higher and Further Educaton Institutions, databases of training courses and schools
  • Education Systems: Descritptions of national education and training systems
  • Exchanges: Opportunities to take part in European Programmes
  • Contacts: Relevant Guidance contacts
  • Moving to a Country: General information on each country.

The most important feature of PLOTEUS is the Learning Opportunities section - a collection of almost 4,000 links to national or regional databases and to education and training institutions' websites in 30 European countries. It offers the option to select information by location, learning language, subject or education level.

This website complements the EURES, www.europa.eu.int/eures website which provides employment-related informtion on EU countries.

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Leading UK Academic Jobs website

www.jobs.ac.uk for academic and research positions.

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New Postgraduate Study website

If you're having trouble finding the right PhD project and you're fed-up with searching through dozens of university websites to find the one that's just right for you, then a recently launched website should make the process much more straightforward. FindAPhD.com lists PhD projects in chemical, physical, earth and life sciences and engineering that are available in the UK and Ireland. This site already contains over 2000 entries and is growing on a daily basis.

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