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Cooperative Education & Careers Division

1600 students placed annually - a network of over 1,600 employers

Procedure for Selection of Students

How are students selected?

Students preparing to go on Cooperative Education placement complete an online CV which outlines their education and experiences to date. Once we have received details of your requirements we can make a preliminary match and identify a number of candidates who meet your criteria. We will then email this selection to you to enable you to select those you wish to interview.

We strongly recommend that you interview a selection of candidates to enable you to identify those who most closely match your requirements. We are happy to make the interview arrangements for you. We have a number of dedicated interview rooms available which you may decide to use, or, alternatively, you may wish to interview at your own premises.

How do I get the right student?

The student will be working with your company for approximately eight months, so it is worth investing time in selecting the right student.

  • Have a clear idea of what is involved in the job.
  • Use a similar selection proces to that used for any other prospective employees.
  • Let the student know your expectations of their behaviour during the placement.
  • Discuss the job with the students, exploring their suitability for the role.
  • Be clear about the terms and conditions of the position, as well as company regulations and policies.

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